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Career Options in India

Career is defined as 'A particular occupation for which one is trained'. We understand it's far reaching impact and it's scope, even more better, than we have ever realised. This scenario wasn't evident in ancient times, nobody cared about career, everybody was happy with whatever profession they were pursuing. Industrialisation and the growth of education in the global economy, made us realise the importance of career and how, one can plan a career. Thus, in times when we could think of being just a 'Doctor', 'Engineer' or a 'Lawyer', a new breed of careers cropped up in the 21st century. Now, we have more career options than we ever had before and these choices have provided us unlimited opportunities to choose a career. On the flip side, so many choices perplexes one's mind as to 'What career one should pursue?'. To add to the woes of the prospective candidate, various breakthroughs in science and technology have introduced 'Never Heard of' specialisations and their consequent careers.

The importance of choosing the right career is the most complicated one. There are professions which are 'In Demand' and those which are 'Not in Demand'. These 'In Demand' professions are lucrative and their opposing counterpart aren't. Here, it becomes easy for one to choose a career which are the obvious - 'In Demand' one's. For most of us money matters the most, when it comes to pursue a career. However, some of us are passionate about what we do and we follow our instincts rather than our convictions. And, there are some who will curb their aspired desires to follow those which provide more money in the pocket. Such professionals might not become as successful as they should be, they might not be as efficient as their job requires them to be and even if they achieve success, it is achieved at the cost of their real aspirations. Then there are those of us who are in state of confusion, which career to choose?, who to look for guidance and information. It is here that our role comes into place, as the foremost objective of this section is based on guiding you in the best possible way and the cheapest too!

After School Careers

After school careers can be referred to those which can be followed upon completing one's schooling, mostly after higher school or secondary school education. In other words careers which one can pursue before graduation. Here we aren't dealing with just summer jobs or selling lemonades but we are viewing a larger picture. Students who wish to pursue a career immediately after their school can opt for various professions depending upon their skills and interests. These are convenient and in certain sense and cases profitable careers as compared to graduation based careers. Convenient careers aren't necessarily the easiest one's, they require as much hard work or even more, which graduates will pursue. They are convenient in the sense that they can be achieved after passing out of school as they don't require graduation. The profitability of an after school career is based largely on an individuals' proficiency. Depending upon this proficiency, one may earn as much as a graduate or post graduate professional.

Why do students opt for 'After School Careers'?

There are variety of reason why many students go for 'After School Careers'. These have been explained below:

Poor in Studies - Many people aren't good in studies even though they have high IQ. Constant nagging and embarrassments at school forces them to pursue a career upon completion of schooling rather than hanging few years more in college for bearing insults.

Lack or shortage of Funds - Most of the students who are eager to earn as early as possible are the one's who go for such careers. The cause of their eagerness are the financial constraints which force them to look for a job rather than study at college.

Experience - There are certain individuals who want 'First-hand Job Experience'. The reasons can be varied, some of which could be planning for a greater position upon graduation nationally or internationally. In some cases it could be simply because of resume weightage or simply ambitious attitude.

Early Start - People who don't have jobs are mostly looked down upon even when they have just completed school. It becomes a prestige issue for many and they want to be known as employed rather than being tagged as 'Unemployed'. So a job immediately after school is the immediate answer to the society.

Enough Education - Candidates who are tired of studying and feel burdened with the monotonous regime of education opt for such careers. For them school education is enough education. They are least bothered about graduation.

Sense of Independence - After completing school there are many of us who have the view that they have lived enough with their parents and it's time to move on. For many of them it is riddance from family chores and freedom from authority. They want to explore and carve a niche for themselves and stand on their feet and be independent financially as well as socially.

Source for College Fees - Schooling in various schools is free but not necessarily in colleges. College education can be expensive, if it is to be studied in a reputed college. This become a source of motivation for those determined to make it their chosen college.

Peer Pressure - Sometimes students tend to follow their friends. They observe that certain students are earning and they aren't. It is here that they indirectly get pressurised into getting a job. In other cases they might be teased upon for not having an occupation even if it is part-time.

Common After School Careers

  • Sales Representative - One of the easiest career a student can pursue is that of a Sales Representative. Getting a job of Sales Representative is easy but then again it is not an easy career path but if pursued with the right attitude and techniques one can reach the top level in a matter of time.
  • Freelance Writer - If you have mastery over English and penchant for creative writing you are the appropriate candidate for becoming a freelance writer. With experience one can work with various publications and earn good amount for just one piece of work. It is not essential that you have a degree in English or journalism to become a Freelance Writer.
  • Animator- The booming animation industry is hotspot for those desirous of becoming an animator. Though basic computer knowledge is a must, it is not necessary to have a college degree to pursue this career. All you need is vivid imagination and the ability to apply it on the required medium.
  • Graphic Artist - This is also another creative career path for artistically inclined individuals. Graphic artists need a good visualisation and creativity to portray their clients need.
  • Commercial Pilot - Commercial Pilot is another area where the skills are more important that the qualifications, even though qualification is more of a formality. This is because most pilot academies require high schooling as a pre-requisite and in the end it is the amount of flight experience which counts the most.
  • Electrician - As long as electrical appliances are being used, Electricians will never run out of jobs and subsequent cash. There are various diplomas and training courses which require only basic schooling or high schooling to become an Electrician.
  • Disc Jockey - Disc Jockey is another convenient and profitable career, especially for those who have a 'Ear for Music'. Here the passion becomes a profession as well. Moreover, one can also release his/her music album after considerable period of experience. 
  • Radio Jockey - Private radio are in vogue with even educational institutes having their own channels, the career of a Radio Jockey is both profitable and in demand. All one needs is a good voice and a short term course. 
  • Call Centre Executive - Call centres offer career opportunities for fresh candidates who have just passed their high school or senior secondary school. BPO's have been setting up their businesses in Asian countries as it is cost effective. Though some ask for graduation there are many which need 10+2 pass out's.
  • Sportsperson - Excelling in a sports and especially those which are magnet for money, is in itself a career for which even an illiterate can carve out a future. Sports is a skill which mostly doesn’t require academic capabilities.

Though one can get a job after completing school but it isn't essential that one should necessarily acquire these just because they can be or because they are available.
Jobs at this level of education will not fetch as much money as a higher education degree would. There are exceptions to this fact but largely it is universally applicable fact. So it is always wise to go for higher education as it will not only provide high level of income, high stature but also a high level of intellect as well.

Most Profitable and Popular Career Options

When it comes to the most profitable careers, there is a slight change in the past and present. The conventional careers i.e. Doctor, Engineer, Teacher and Lawyers, still hold their ground but the IT sector is growing at an enormous pace. Present and future careers require computerisation as the new technology is superior to it's conventional counterpart. For this reason Information Technology based careers are here to stay. The conventional careers are still the most pursued as they are 'Need Based'. However, it is not necessary that the most profitable careers will be the most pursued, for example not everyone prefers to join politics or be a government contractor. People at large, are dependent on conventional professionals as they have become an essential part of their lives. Society at large requires diseases to be cured, children to be educated, construction to be done and legal hassles to deal with. At some point of time or the other and in some cases even more often, we requite the services of these professionals. So whether the economy is down or up, these careers continue to remain unaffected as they are essential for the effective functioning of any authority at any level.

Health Care - Health care careers have always been the most pursued and why not?, the first and foremost reason being that these are highly paid and esteemed. A variety of health care professions are emerging while some have been established themselves as specialised one's. Doctors and other related professionals will never run out of job as health is one thing which is going to get affected one day or the another courtesy sedentary lifestyles and environmental damage.

Energy - All the businesses and other activities require energy and who can imagine a life without electricity. With rising need of energy and alternate sources of energy, there is ample scope for engineers and other specialists who deal with energy. That is why this technological field is counted amongst the most profitable.

Education - Careers are themselves based on education and if you don't have the proper qualifications you will end up unemployed or underpaid. Education empowers us in many ways and the only way to get empowered is through schools. Apart from the children, there are adults who want to pursue their left over studies or those who seek higher education. Teachers, lecturers’, trainers etc. will thus be always required to educate the public.

Information Technology
- Information Technology is the new 'Buzz Word' amongst those who are career wary. Computing at all levels is being done to produce efficiency and effectiveness. A lot of business and communication is conducted on the Internet as it is fast and convenient. People today shop sitting at their homes and organise virtual meetings using It resources. Today Information Technology is encompassing all aspects of our lives. Its functioning and maintenance is thus essential, making the IT careers profitable and popular one's.

Pharmaceuticals - Medicines and other related products will always be used as long as doctors prescribe them. Even if one is not taking a prescribed medicine, one still takes off-the-shelf medicines. Everyday tonnes of medicines are produced and those involved in it's manufacturing, packaging, distribution etc. will also never run out of business as once again this a need based career.

Law - Every organisation small or big have legal advisor's to deal with various legal matters. Then there are disputes, criminal activities, offences and a host of other activities for which legal skills are required to resolve them.

Food - Food is a basic necessity for the proper functioning of the body. Recession or no recession, we need those calories to 'Make it through the day'. We cannot ignore hunger for long and snacks have become a part of our daily lives. Food industry will also remain amongst the most profitable and pursued careers.

Accounting - There are something’s in life which cannot be avoided - death and taxes are the two most inevitable things which will catch up with you, sooner or later. And who keeps an account of these and their consequent activities, the answer is obvious. Rising costs and recession makes companies desperate for more cost saving measures and check expenses.

Government Contracting - Not everyone is aware of this career and even those who are aware find it too boring. But like it or not Government Contractors earn a lot and a single project is enough to make their years financially, easy. All the civic amenities are always needed and so is it's maintenance. Bridges, roads, construction etc. have to be done and contracting your work out for government functions is a very secure career.

Politics - Politics is not the most popular but it is amongst the most profitable. Call it a 'Dirty Game' or whatever, politicians will always be around. The government is in fact run by them and even if there is recession, public officials still continue to earn good sum of money. Even after retirement, they continue to get pension.